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Wednesday, 15 September
(Aula Magna – Faculty of Sciences – University of Insubria)




Pre-congress Symposium: Presenza e ruolo della fisiologia nell'università che cambia: quale futuro?

Chairs: Fabio Benfenati (Genoa), Giorgio Fanò (Chieti)

Gabriella Gallo - Facoltà di Scienze MM FF e NN (Genoa)
Marcella Motta - Facoltà di Farmacia (Milan)
Maria Svelto - Facoltà Tecnologiche (Bari)
Carlo Reggiani - Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia (Padua)
Arsenio Veicsteinas - Facoltà di Scienze Motorie (Milan)


Buffet lunch


Opening of the 61st National Congress of the Italian Physiological Society


Opening lecture: 1st Fabio Ruzzier Lecture
Ricardo Miledi (Irvine, CA, USA)
Some notes on GABAc receptors


Coffee break


Symposium: The impact of Giuseppe Moruzzi on modern neuroscience 100 years after his birth

Chairs: Arnaldo Ferroni (Milan), Paola Bagnoli (Pisa)

Giorgio Cosmacini (Milan)
Giuseppe Moruzzi, Man of culture, Master of ideas

Emilio Bizzi (Cambridge, MA, USA)
Stability of muscle synergies for voluntary actions after cortical stroke in humans

Kjell Fuxe (Stockholm, Sweden)
The discovery of the central monoamine neurons gave a novel understanding of how the lower brain stem regulates the function of the telencephalon and diencephalon

Giorgio Innocenti (Stockholm, Sweden)
The differentiation of cortical axons in development and evolution

Annica Dahlstrom (Göteborg, Sweden)
How mapping of monoamine pathways led to investigations into the new field of fast axonal transport


Welcome drink-buffet - ATAHOTEL

Thursday, 16 September
(ATAHOTEL Varese Business & Resort)




Parallel Symposia

Molecular physiology of membrane transport systems

Chairs: Anna Menini (Trieste) , Antonio Peres (Varese)

Antonio Peres (Varese)
Molecular physiology of ion-coupled cotransporters

Anna Moroni (Milan)
The role of the selectivity filter in K+ channel gating

Anna Menini (Trieste)
Calcium-activated chloride currents: a role for TMEM16b in olfactory transduction

Francois Verrey (Zurich, Switzerland)
Transcellular amino acid transport

Cerebral blood flow and neuronal functions: from physiology to animal models of vascular pathology

Chairs: Luciano Domenici (L’Aquila), Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)

Akos Koller (Pécs, Hungary)
Autoregulation of cerebral blood flow. Beyond the myogenic response

Antonio Colantuoni (Naples)
Cerebral blood flow: regulatory mechanisms and implications for neuronal functions

Nicola Origlia (Pisa)
Synaptic dysfunction in in vitro model of cerebral ischemia

Massimo Dal Monte (Pisa)
Retinal neovascularisation and its implication in retinal dysfunctions


Coffee break


Parallel oral communications

Applied Physiology

Chairs: Giorgio Fanò (Chieti), Arsenio Veicsteinas (Milan)

Teresa Pasqua (Cosenza)
The emerging myocardial and coronary action of Glucagon-derived peptide-2

Marinella Coco (Catania)
Gender differences in changes of motor cortex excitability associated with a lactate increase

Fabio Esposito (Milan)
Effect of respiratory muscle training on maximum aerobic power in normoxia and hypoxia

Elisabetta Filice (Arcavacata di Rende)
Lusitropic effect of 17beta estradiol in the male rat heart

Santo Giammanco (Palermo)
Analysis of total antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content during ripening of Sicilian red grapes

Giuseppa Leonardi (Catania)
Is there any benefit for experienced dancers in common upright stance?

Alessandro Rubini (Padua)
Daily variations in lung volumes measurements in young healthy adults

Anna Antonia Valenzano (Foggia)
Attentional cortical responses to enlarged faces are reduced in underweight subjects: an electroencephalographic study

Neurobiology and Neurophysiology

Chairs: Fabio Benfenati (Genoa), Paola Bagnoli (Pisa)

Paola Borroni (Milan)
Dissociation of action and intention in human motor resonance

Stefania Bruni (Parma)
Selectivity for grip type and action goal in monkey parietal and premotor grasping neurons

Valentina Di Liberto (Palermo)
Serotonin receptor agonist treatment induces transactivation of fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 (FGFR1) tyrosine kinase in the rat hippocampal neurons

Sergio Fucile (Rome)
Modulation of GABAA-mediated currents by GABAB-receptors in temporal pyramidal neurons in control or epileptic tissue

Stefano Gustincich (Trieste)
The transcriptional landscape of dopaminergic neurons

Marzia Maria Lecchi (Milan)
Alterations in retinal ganglion cell activity in a model of diabetic retinopathy

Valerio Magnaghi (Milan)
GABA and GABA-B receptors are expressed in the Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system: role in nociception and myelination?

Jonathan Mapelli (Pavia)
The circuit properties of the cerebellar cortex revealed by voltage-sensitive dye (VSD) imaging


Buffet lunch


Poster Sessions

· Cell Physiology
· Muscle Physiology


Parallel Symposia

Integrated signal processing in neural circuits

Chair: Egidio D’Angelo (Pavia)

Matthew Diamond (Trieste)
Signal processing in the rat tactile system

Egidio D'Angelo (Pavia)
New principles in cerebellar network computation: realistic large-scale models and multisite recordings

Tommaso Fellin (Genoa)
Integrated brain circuits: neuron-astrocyte interaction in sleep-related rhythmogenesis

Laura Ballerini (Trieste)
Engineering single-neuron excitability and network connectivity in cultured brain circuits: interfacing neurons with carbon nanotubes

Evolution and recent advances in exercise physiology in Italy

Chair: Guido Ferretti (Brescia)

Paolo Cerretelli (Milan)
Exercise at altitude: from Angelo Mosso to modern altitude physiology on Mt. Everest

Pietro Enrico di Prampero (Udine)
Energetics of muscular exercise: the cultural heritage of Rodolfo Margaria

Bruno Grassi (Udine)
Energetics of muscular exercise: influence of Margaria on recent advances in the field

Dave Pendergast (Buffalo, NY, USA)
Aviation and space physiology: from altitude records to the International Space Station


Coffee break


Plenary lecture
David Zawieja (USA)
Roles of muscle cells in lymphatic function: a misunderstood cell in a misunderstood vascular system

Friday, 17 September
(ATAHOTEL Varese Business & Resort)




Parallel Symposia

Stem cell physiology, from development to tissue integration

Chair: Roberto Maggi (Milan)

Luciano Conti (Milan)
In vitro Neural Stem Cells systems: potentiality and physiological relevance

Mauro Toselli (Pavia)
Stem cells’ electrical activity as a predictive physiological marker

Elisabetta Cerbai (Florence)
Functional indicators of cardiac differentiation and maturation from embryonic stem cells

Roberto Maggi (Milan)
Hypothalamic stem cells: towards a cellular approach to neuroendocrine diseases?

The vascular and tissue interface

Chairs: Daniela Negrini (Varese), Melody Swartz (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Antonella Naldini (Siena)
Angiogenesis in tissue hypoxia

Giovanna Valenti (Bari)
Aquaporins and the extracellular compartment of the renal medulla

Andrea Moriondo (Varese)
Tissue mechanics and initial lymphatics

Melody Swartz (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Interstitial-lymphatic flow and how it regulates immune cell trafficking to lymph nodes


Coffee break


Parallel oral communications

Muscle Physiology

Chairs: Carlo Reggiani (Padua), Corrado Poggesi (Florence)

Massimo Reconditi (Sesto Fiorentino)
X-ray diffraction estimate of the relative contributions of subfragment-1 and -2 of the myosin molecule to the compliance of muscle cross-bridges

Elena Silvestri (Benevento)
High fat diet-induced insulin resistance: effects of 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine on muscle mitochondrial proteome and function

R. Rastaldo (Turin)
Ischemia-induced increase of APJ mRNA and protein level and myocardial protection by Apelin-13

Paola Lorenzon (Trieste)
Neural agrin enhances the regenerative potential of aged human skeletal myoblasts

Stefania Fulle (Chieti)
Age-related effects on apoptosis and differentiation of human satellite cells

Davide Basco (Bari)
Impairment of skeletal muscle activity in Aquaporin-4 null mice

Stefano Sartini (Urbino)
Motor reinnervation during muscular activity

Anna Montesano (Milan)
Resveratrol promotes myogenesis and hypertrophy in murine myoblasts

Cell Physiology

Chairs: Luana Ricci Paulesu (Siena), Fernando Goglia (Benevento)

Daniela Capilupo (Milan)
Long-term culture of embryonic stem (ES) cell-derived pacemaker cardiomyocyte isolated by transient expression of the adhesion molecule CD166

Davide Cervia (Viterbo)
Somatostatin regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor in the vasculature of the ischemic retina

Eliana Sara Di Cairano (Milan)
Glutamate toxicity is a novel cause of beta-cells death and is prevented by the activity of the excitatory amino acid transporter 2 (EAAT2) in the pancreas

Davide Martini (Pisa)
Antiangiogenic effects of beta-adrenoreceptor blockade in a mouse model of retinopathy of prematurity

Antonella Pantaleo (Turin)
Physiological and functional roles of phosphorylative changes of membrane proteins in red blood cells

Ilaria Rivolta (Milan)
Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) as vehicle for an hydrophobic model drug: a biophysical study

Gianfranco Santovito (Padua)
Characterisation of selenium glutathione peroxidase in the antarctic teleost Gymnodraco acuticeps

Adriana Voci (Genoa)
Hypolipemic effect of iodothyronines in adult rat fatty hepatocytes


Buffet lunch


Poster Sessions

· Neurobiology and Neurophysiology
· Applied Physiology


Closing lecture
Pierre Magistretti (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Neuron-glia metabolic coupling and plasticity


Coffee break


General SIF Assembly


Social dinner



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